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-=Exclusief adapter=- Grandstream GRP2612P Grandstream GRP2612P is a basic VoIP phone that supports two lines. GRP2612P is an entry-level desk phone fit for everyday use in the office. The phone has a 2.4″ color display, which makes using the phone simple. Designed for the modern workplace, GRP2612P supports HD audio. Grandstream GRP2612P is designed to[....]

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 Grandstream GRP2613 Grandstream GRP2613 is a midlevel IP phone with Gigabit Ethernet speed. GRP2613 is designed for how work happens today with six customizable feature keys, three SIP accounts, and a clear, 2.8″ color display. The phone gives you rich HD audio. Grandstream GRP2613 is a carrier-grade phone, making it easy to deploy as part[....]

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Dit is de meest complete betaalbare IP bureautelefoon ooit. Grandstream GRP2614 Grandstream GRP2614 is a flagship IP phone with dual color displays and Wi-Fi support. GRP2614 has a gorgeous 2.8″ color LCD screen with four customizable feature keys as a primary display. It also has a 2.4″ color LCD screen with eight feature keys that acts as[....]